As a mixed media artist, the scope of my artwork includes creations in a broad range - drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography and computer graphics. This versatility of practice has been very helpful in my role as teacher of art at the college level.

After years of working primarily with traditional media and easel painting techniques, my recent focus has been on experimental work with water media and collage. Instead of pushing the media to achieve a desired vision, an experimental approach to the media itself leads me into new frontiers of discovery and joy. Serendipitous experimentation with poured paint on a variety of papers or on canvas introduces a spontaneity that requires the artist in me to yield control and be open to surprise.

Seldom do I begin a work of art with a preconceived idea of the finished creation. I select media combinations, canvas, papers, colors and 3-D objects that can be used to create lines, shapes and textural effects. Even with careful skill in the use of these various tools, there is a spirit of playfulness required to allow a successful creation to unfold in its unique and spontaneous way. I firmly believe there is no such thing as accident. Within each visual element created, there is meaning to be discovered as symbolic and metaphorical content is revealed naturally and then developed deliberately. Artwork progresses through finishing techniques of masking, collage, application of glazes, and accenting lines and shapes to produce the final visual image that gives my creations a unique quality and broad appeal.

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